At Lake Apopka Natural Gas District (LANGD), customer satisfaction and safety are our top priorities. Natural gas is clean, efficient and safe; however, there are a few things you, our customer, should know regarding your gas installation. Your gas installation is defined as all gas piping downstream (on your side) of the gas meter set, starting from the meter outlet, including connection and appliances. By law, LANGD is required to notify you, the customer, that LANGD does NOT maintain the customer's installation and it is your responsibility to maintain it. Please note that if the customer's installation is not maintained, it may be subject to the potential hazards of corrosion and leakage. For the sake of safety, your gas piping should be:

-Periodically inspected for leaks;

-Periodically inspected for corrosion if the piping is metallic; and

-Repaired/Replaced if any unsafe condition is discovered.

When an unsafe condition is found, qualified gas or plumbing contractors may be used to assist in locating, inspecting and repairing the customer's installation. Also, when excavating near buried gas piping, the piping should be located in advance and the excavation done by hand. To request a free gas locate, please call 8-1-1 not less than 48 hours prior to commencement of excavation.


Tenants or owners/management at apartment complexes are required to maintain their own gas piping and appliances. If at any time there is a leak call from the tenant, LANGD’s employee will respond. Our technician shall perform safety checks on gas appliances and system piping, and take necessary actions to make the conditions safe as determined by the following findings:

1.If the technician finds any safety defects at an equipment/appliance, a red tag is attached to it with an explanation of the problem. We will advise the customer that the appliance cannot be used until repaired or replaced by a qualified gas or plumbing contractor. The gas line shall be disconnected and capped off at the appliance.

2.If the technicians finds a leak within the customer’s piping system, the shut-off valve at the meter shall be turned off and locked until the leak has been repaired.

3.If the technician cannot find the leak or there is a question regarding the safety of the appliance, for safe practice, the shut-off valve at the meter shall be turned off and locked until further investigation.

To have the gas turned back on, an appointment must be scheduled with LANGD. Someone 18 years of age or older must be present to open the apartment/building for a technician to inspect for gas leaks and perform related safety checks of all the gas appliances before permanently unlocking the shut-off valve at the meter.

For additional information, please feel free to call: (407) 656-2734. We appreciate the

opportunity to serve your natural gas needs!