Keep your monthly bills more predictable with our Budget Billing program!
How it works
Budget Billing is a free, voluntary program that eases the highs and lows of your monthly bills, giving you better
control over your spending. Instead of paying your actual energy costs (which can fluctuate) each month, you pay an
average amount, based on your energy use from the previous 12 months.
The difference between the billed amount and the actual amount of energy used is called a "deferred amount" (debit
or credit amount). Please note that Budget Billing is not a discount program. The deferred amount is included in the
annual average energy costs. As a Budget Billing customer, we will continue to read your meter each month, so you
can see your actual usage and cost, along with your deferred amount.
How to qualify
residential customers with over twelve (12) months of service with Lake Apopka Natural Gas District
You must not owe an overdue balance or have a pending service disconnection order.
residential customer may not have been late more than three (3) times in previous twelve (12) months.
Once enrolled
The next billing cycle will activate your request.
The monthly designated amount must be paid.
Late charges do apply.
Accounts must be maintained current to remain active in the Budget Billing program.
The residential customer would be removed from the plan if they receive four (4) reminder notices within a
twelve (12) month period.
The residential customer would be removed from the plan if they are shut off for non-payment.
The residential customer would not be eligible for reenrollment for twelve (12) months from turning back on of
How to enroll
Call our Customer Service department at (407) 656-2734, option 3.
To discontinue Budget Billing
When discontinuing Budget Billing, the entire deferred balance will be posted directly to your account. If your
account has a debit amount, this balance is due on your next statement payment date. If a credit amount, Lake
Apopka Natural Gas District will credit your statement by that amount.
To discontinue Budget Billing, call Lake Apopka Natural Gas District and speak to a customer service